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Machine learning

Machines are being created to learn based upon our own preferences. They are becoming enhancements to our daily lives, an extension of our selves. Our devices are learning to  anticipate the right time for relevant data depending on our surroundings. These technological advances of our society help to improve our lives and the lives of people around […]

When is Time to Buy a New Computer?

There is never a good time to buy a new computer and a computer usually breaks at the most inconvenient time. What is a good time then? Usually a PC or a laptop is good for 3 to 4 years after which it becomes obvious that without significant hardware upgrades it may be difficult to operate. The life span […]

A New flash memory card format [2011001-14] -Those who lived through the days of xD card vs. Memory Stick vs. CompactFlash vs. Secure Digital may think people need a new flash memory card format like we need a hole in our heads. Who, after all, has a burning desire to upgrade the 9-in-1 flash card reader to a 10-in-1 model? […]