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How To Find My Computer IP Address

Many many times I have been asked “How do I find the IP address of my PC?” and I have written answers and instructions many time. I unfortunately have never saved my answer and today finally I found time to write a bit more extended manual on how to figure out your PC IP address. […]

Microsoft Office 365 Beta is Available

It’s a great time to give the Microsoft Cloud program a try. New Microsoft Office 365  Beta program is available for public. Microsoft announced in its Press Release on April 17, 2011 availability of the Office 365  public beta for the small business. I have setup my own Office 365 beta environment within one hour […]

Malware that may steal your computer information

This is not an ordinary virus and not all anti-virus programs can catch it. When this virus gets into the computer it can not be stopped. It a new bread of virus called malware. This malware controlled by  a “cyber brain,” it gets into your computer, sets up a an environment inside of your PC, […]