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Benefits of the Cloud Computing

What a new buzz word has been invented recently, the Cloud. I am not talking about clouds above us, I am talking about the cloud computing. The cloud computing is nothing new but a synonym for the Internet (which perhaps was invented by the vice president Gore). We have been using the internet for a long time […]

Google Android Leads the Smartphone Race

Google Android is a big winner of a smart phone race. Officially as of January 2011, Google Android operating system is being used by 31.2% of the market, BlackBerry – 30,4%, Apple – 24.7%, Microsoft – 8.0% and Palm – 3.2%. My prediction is that in a couple of months Apple market share may be […]

What robot Cloud can Bring us in the Near Future?

Are we ready for the cloud communicating smart robots? According to Google researches, cloud computing could make robots smaller, cheaper and smarter. I am not surprised Google is investing in this technology area (What Google is not investing in?). The cloud computing is growing and will be only becoming bigger and bigger. The cloud utilization may bring […]