How to Make a Backup Copy of a File or Folder

What do you need for work?

1) Program/(s)

EaseUS Todo Backup Free – a free and very handy program that allows you to easily create backups of everything and everyone (documents, folders, disks, etc.). The program impresses with its simplicity and reliability: in just a few clicks of the mouse, you can arrange everything.

Additional features:

  • cloning disks (including system disks);
  • the ability to configure schedules;
  • creating an emergency flash drive;
  • viewing and selecting files that you will restore from a backup.
2) USB flash drive or external hard drive

It is most reasonable to make a backup to some external media (which will calmly lie aside from the computer/laptop, and will help out if something happens).

Just imagine yourself – if you make a backup copy to the same disk that you are using – then in the event of a breakdown (for example) – this backup will not help you.

A flash drive or external drive (which is even better) – must be large enough to fit all your documents and files that you want to save. Let’s say, if you have a 60 GB system disk and you want to back it up, then you need a flash drive (disk) with at least 80-90 GB.

Making a disk backup

And so, we will assume that you already have the program installed.

The first thing to do is to click the “System Backup” button located in the top menu of the program.

Next, you need to set a number of parameters:

  • select your system drive;
  • specify the location where you will save;
  • plan name: the name of your backup is set here – it can be anything, if only you yourself remember what you have saved there, for example, in a month or two;
  • description of your backup;
  • schedule: if you need to make a regular backup, you can configure it once, and then the program will do it automatically;
  • proceed – button to start the operation.

After specifying the main parameters, in the next step, the program will ask you to specify the drive (and folder) where the backup will be saved (by the way, it will be a regular file).

Back up folders and files

It is performed, in principle, in the same way as creating a copy of the disk (which was done in the previous step). First, launch the utility and click the “File Backup” button.

Next, you need to specify:

  • select the file or folder: folders (or even entire drives) you want to add to the backup;
  • destination: where to save the backup;
  • you can specify any name and description (Plan name, Description);
  • schedule: if necessary – set;
  • proceed – the beginning of the operation.

By the way, the backup file itself can be recorded later on to another medium (or even uploaded, for example, to somewhere in the cloud).

Picture Credit: Unsplash