Sometimes you need to change or to add a memory to a laptop. What you do first? – You find the brand and model of the laptop. Than, you find a memory selector site (I usually use memory finder) to find out what memory type your laptop takes. Then after that it’s all about finding a laptop memory slot.  Sometimes it may be trickier than you expect. I had to change a memory on the Lenovo T61 a couple of days ago and it was not a problem at all. Below are the steps I recommend to take:

1.Turn off the computer; then disconnect the AC adapter and all cables from the computer.

2. Close the computer display, and turn it over.

3. Remove the battery.

Removing screws

Step 4

4. Remove the four(4) screws that secure the palm rest.

5. Turn the computer over and open the display. Open up the palm rest in the direction shown by arrow (1) by picking up the projection tabs on the sides, and then release the palm rest from the computer (2).

6. Find the notch on the contact edge side of the SO-DIMM.

7. Note: To avoid damaging the SO-DIMM, do not touch its contact edge.

Bending the sides of palm rest

Step 5

8. With the notched end of the SO-DIMM toward the contact edge side of the socket, insert the SO-DIMM into the socket at an angle of about 20 degrees (1); then press it firmly (2).

9. Pivot the SO-DIMM downward until it snaps into place.

10. Make sure that the card is firmly fixed in the slot and does not move easily.