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How to Choose a Computer in 2020

The computer has long moved from luxury items to the category of the most important technical means. With its help, business is conducted, blocks of necessary information are transmitted at any distance, communication is made with relatives and friends who are in another part of the globe. Regardless of the purpose for which you are […]

Microsoft Acquires Affirmed Networks for 5G Growth

With the purchase of Affirmed Networks, Microsoft intends to offer customers in the telecommunications industry new network solutions for 5G networks that require great software and cloud capabilities. Joint decisions by teams of experts from both companies should create a new revenue stream for Microsoft. Microsoft has announced an agreement to acquire Affirmed Networks, the […]

Demand for Laptops Due to Coronavirus Has Risen Sharply

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, companies around the world are massively transferring employees to remote work. Against this background, the demand for laptops, webcams and other devices necessary for working from home has sharply increased. Preliminary data obtained by the analytical company International Data Corporation suggests that the demand for laptops and tablets has risen […]