Demand for Laptops Due to Coronavirus Has Risen Sharply

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, companies around the world are massively transferring employees to remote work. Against this background, the demand for laptops, webcams and other devices necessary for working from home has sharply increased.

Preliminary data obtained by the analytical company International Data Corporation suggests that the demand for laptops and tablets has risen sharply in the US market.

According to preliminary estimates by IDC, in the first quarter of this year, the sale of these computer devices increased by a third compared to the first quarter of 2019. Exact numbers will be published later.

Against the backdrop of disruption in the supply chain of computer equipment from China, many American retailers and distributors have already run out of stock of laptops and tablets.

IDC predicts that the Personal Computing Devices (PCD) sector will suffer less from the spread of coronavirus than other IT segments. On the other hand, the negative impact on the PC market can be caused by the fact that corporate customers will begin to postpone or completely cancel the previously planned update of office computers.

Picture Credit: Unsplash