[2011001-14] -Those who lived through the days of xD card vs. Memory Stick vs.

CompactFlash vs. Secure Digital may think people need a new flash memory card format like we need a hole in our heads. Who, after all, has a burning desire to upgrade the 9-in-1 flash card reader to a 10-in-1 model?
An established industry standards group, JEDEC, has a new format it hopes will catch on, though.

Lexar's first SDXC memory cards, due to ship this quarter, include a $500 64GB and $700 128GB model.

Photo credit: Lexar Media

The group already took over standardization of the MultiMediaCard specification that’s chiefly relevant today hidden away inaccessibly in its embedded form, EMMC, that’s used under the covers of various devices.
At the CES show last week, JEDEC members worked to build industry support for a faster successor called Universal Flash Storage (UFS). This specification “has been designed to be the most advanced specification for flash memory-based storage in mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers,” the group said, adding that it expects to publish a specification for it in the first quarter of 2011.

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